The next cohort of Parables Of Change begins April 24th.

A few of the stories created in Parables Of Change
Parables Of Change is led by David Alder, an artist, viral storyteller and creative coach. A clip from a recent session below:

"Stories used to be told under the stars at night around the fire in service of what it meant to live well. It was the technology that allowed us to pass on the collective knowledge of the species. But along the way stories stopped being told by people who had 'earned the right' to tell them, they started being told as tools to capture our attention, almost always to shape our values and to sell us things. It's not actually in service of our well being or our flourishing. The time has come to take our stories back."

-David Alder on The Current Podcast
David Alder is an artist and viral storyteller whose work explores paths for humanity to thrive. Through Parables Of Change, David helps people speak from their power as they share a message with the world.
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